Eleocharis montevidensis

Sand Spikerush

Plant family: Cyperaceae - Sedge


Plant type: Aquatic Plant, Grass-like

Plant origin: N/A, California

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Flower Color Brown
Blooming Season Summer
Height 1-2 feet
Spread Spreading
Sun / Shade   
Monthly Water
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Freshwater Wetlands, Mountain Meadow, Riparian

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Sand, Riverbed Silt

Special Characteristic

Plant Highlights

Slender, three-sided green stems grow upright from the river’s edge, weighted lightly with single tawny oval flower heads in summertime; it’s no wonder the botanic name for Sand Spikerush translates to “marsh grace”. This beautiful native rush grows in full sun in sandy wetland conditions in the wild, reaching up to 2’ in height, with a wider spread. E. montevidensis has a spreading rather than bunching growth habit, due to its underground rhizomes, and will quickly colonize the edges of ponds and other riparian areas. Sand Spikerush is similar in appearance to bulrush, and grows in shallow aquatic conditions as well as consistently moist areas, creeping up from the riverbank for instance. The lovely stems of E. montevidensis soften the look of a pond’s edge by providing an attractive border, and offer shelter for small fish and other aquatic life.

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