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Moosa Creek Blog

Is Winter the Best time to Plant?

Creekside Chat

 Is winter really the best time to plant?

The answer is, YES! 
Spring has always taken the spotlight when it comes to flowering plants. Snow melting, birds chirping, and warmer days finally on the horizon. 
However, getting your plants and seeds in the ground now will allow them to get established over winter and be ready for our hot summers. Planting too close to the summer months does not allow the root systems to grow thoroughly, thus requiring more water, which makes our native plants more prone to fungus. 
Planting during the late fall and winter will allow the plants to grow strong healthy root systems while utilizing any rain we may get for supplemental irrigation. After one rainy season native plants can usually be considered established.
The best size plant to start with is a 1 gallon pot (or smaller,) although it is not detrimental to start with larger sizes. Make sure the plants you are putting in the ground are not root bound.
In-between rain events is a perfect time to plant! Head out this weekend and fill your garden with all the #CaliforniaNativePlants you can find! 
Need help finding a local retailer?
Go to www.moosacreeknursery.com and see if your local nursery carries our plants!

Emily Sluiman
TerraWild Plants 
Image: Lupinis excubitus

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