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    Hi Michael B Stewart. Please let us know what happened and how you got...
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    We will be inviting the author of this blog to hold an in-person event...
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    It is not fair to be timed out in responding with great sincerity to a...
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    really good post. thanks...
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    Really enjoyed your real-life chat about native plants and getting rid...

Moosa Creek Blog

San Diego Master Gardeners


 San Diego Master Gardeners, your chance to learn more about native plants and how Moosa Creek Nursery can serve your planting needs is here! Please see webinar information at your San Diego Master Gardeners invitation on Feb 10th!


 Renee Murphy is the Sales and Marketing Director at Moosa Creek Nursery. She facilitates native plant propagation for restoration projects, landscape designers and retail nurseries throughout California. Most recently, Renee has coordinated a project at the Salton Sea, growing native trees with salinity treatments to determine survival rates of plants in saline conditions. The results will direct a plan for future restoration projects in the area. Renee has a Master’s Degree in Plant Science/ Agriculture from Cal Poly Pomona and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business from USC. As an agriculture and native plant educator, she shares her passion for gardening and restoration and hopes to inspire others to get involved in their communities and get their hands dirty.

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