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Arboretums and Botanic Gardens

Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Gardens   Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden promotes botany, conservation and horticulture to inspire, inform and educate the public and the scientific community about California’s native flora. The Garden is devoted to the collection, cultivation, study and display of native California plants and to graduate training and research in plant systematics and evolution. Through all its programs, the Garden makes significant contributions to the appreciation, enjoyment, understanding and thoughtful utilization of our natural heritage.  Connect Now


Santa Barbara Botanic Gardens   The Botanic Garden is an educational and scientific institution. We foster stewardship of the natural world through inspired learning, rigorous scholarship, and premier displays. Through an emphasis on plants native to California, we advance the knowledge and understanding of plant life and provide a rewarding experience for our visitors.  Connect Now


Living Desert Zoo and Gardens   The Living Desert was established in 1970 by several trustees of the Palm Springs Desert Museum who foresaw the impact that resort development would have on their local desert ecosystem. This foresight led to an interpretive nature trail and preserve in Palm Desert. Among the trustees was Philip L. Boyd who also founded the Riverside campus of the University of California and the Deep Canyon Research Station in Palm Desert.  Connect Now


Manhattan Beach Botanic Garden   Three hundred years ago, much of the Southern California landscape consisted of native drought-tolerant vegetation growing in open spaces and living in balance with native animal and insect species. Today, almost all of the gardens in the South Bay survive with the help of substantial irrigation, chemical fertilizers, and pesticides. The concept for the Manhattan Beach Botanical Garden is to demonstrate the use of plants suitable for our small gardens and yet able to live in equilibrium with our natural climate and soil type, thus requiring little additional irrigation and no fertilizer or pesticides. In the early part of the 20th Century, the site on which the Botanical Garden lies was used for farming and greenhouse acreage. Originally established as a public garden by the Neptunian Women's Club in the 1960's, the area needed a make-over by the late 1980's.  Connect Now


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