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Scott Jones

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Hi I'm Scott Jones, a lifelong resident of San Diego, licensed and certified horticulture and landscape professional, and very well acquainted with and very appreciative of the native plants and habitats of the San Diego and larger Southern California region. I especially like to make landscapes that are plant-community-habitat landscapes, or micro-regional landscapes, such as SoCaL Islands, coastal sage scrub, beach, chapparal, riparian, oak woodland, mountain, desert,... so that a distinctive habitat or sense of location is created, in addition to being inspiring and enjoyable for human purposes.
We have a wonderful selection of native plants to choose from, from the various habitats of our region, including Dendromecon, Galvezia, Lyonothamnus, Manzanita, Comarostaphylis, Xylococcus, Eriogonum, Eriodictyon, Encelia, Ceanothus, Toyon, Fremontodendron, Romneya, Oenothera, Jojoba, Prunus, Beach Primrose, Sand Verbena, Calystegia morning glory, Salvia, Dudleya, Yucca, Agave, Cactus, Guadalupe Palm, Zauschneria, Cercocarpus, Viguieria, Keckiella, Eriophyllum, Mimulus, Grindelia, Pines, Malvaceae, Lessingia, Elymus, Leymus, Oaks, Muhlenbergia, Euphorbia, and even the Artemisia, Atriplex, Adenostoma, Rhus, Malosma, Baccharis....and numerous others.You can see these plants and others on my SanDiegoNatives Blog, near the bottom of each page on my website.
In any case, I'm here to make inspiring landscapes in the many ways they can be beautiful and appropriate for a given site and your preferences.



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