Ceanothus crassifolius

Hoaryleaf Ceanothus

Plant family: Rhamnaceae - Buckthorn


Plant type: Shrub

Plant origin: N/A, California

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Flower Color White
Blooming Season Spring, Winter
Height 2-3 feet, 3-5 feet, 5-15 feet
Spread 5-10 feet
Sun / Shade   
Monthly Water
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Clay, Decomposed Granite

Special Characteristic

Slope Stabilizer, Tolerant of Clay Soil, Tolerates Hard Frost

Plant Highlights

A small white flowering medium shrub that is native to Southern California chaparrral and is drought resistant. The leaves are olive green, crinkly with white fuzzy undersides and the flowers are white and come in clusters. It is best grown in hot interior gardns for erosion control or as a transition into chaparral or coastal scrub. Put it in full sun, with well-drained soil. it is slower growing than most of the more common garden ceanothus.

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I bought one ( 1 gallon) plant and put it in medium draining soil last year. It takes very little water. Easy to over water it. It spent most of last year sprouting long, fountain line branches. But with this years rain, it is starting to have cross branches and growing more aggressively. Leaves are tiny and raspy, and looks to be a big plant. STill I love its fountain like form.

Posed by: David Koons, on Feb 23 2024 9:25PM

Definitely a slow-growing plant with minimal watering needs. My plant is in a raised mound of medium-draining soil; full sun. Happy and beautiful so far!

Posed by: David Koons, on Jul 6 2023 8:14AM