Juncus bufonius

Toad Rush, Water Grass

Plant family: Juncaceae - Rush


Plant type: Annual

Plant origin: N/A, California, Other Southwest

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Flower Color Insignificant
Blooming Season Fall, Spring, Winter
Height 0-1 feet, 1-2 feet
Spread 0-1 feet, 1-5 feet
Sun / Shade   
Monthly Water
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Freshwater Wetlands, Riparian, Woodland/Forest

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Special Characteristic

Plant Highlights

Juncus bufonius, commonly named Toad Rush, is a low-growing ( 6"- 12") semi-aquatic re-seeding annual rush. It is native to California and also found elsewhere in North America and beyond. This annual monocot is quite variable in appearance. It is sometimes described as a complex of variants labeled with one species name. It is generally a dark green or even bronze-tinged clumping grasslike rush with many thin stems wrapped with few threadlike leaves, and will grow in saline conditions which many other plants would not tolerate, dying in winter but re-seeding in exposed soils.

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