Fremontodendron californicum 'Pacific Sunset'

'Pacific Sunset' Flannel Bush

Plant family: Sterculiaceae - Cacao


Plant type: Shrub, Slope Stabilizer

Plant origin: N/A

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Flower Color Orange, Yellow
Blooming Season Spring
Height 15-25 feet, 25-40 feet
Spread 15-30 feet
Sun / Shade   
Monthly Water
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Wildlife Friendliness Rating
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Coastal Sage Scrub, Joshua Tree Woodland, Woodland/Forest

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Sand, Rocky

Special Characteristic

Hedges and Screens, Slope Stabilizer, Vines/Espaliers

Plant Highlights

This flannel bush is a cross between classic F. californicum and F. mexicanum, and is a cultivar brought about by Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden. It is a large, robust plant reported to reach 20 to 30 feet tall, and grows in a wide vase shape for a width of 15 to 20 feet. However,we have noticed that this hybrid grows more slowly and stays smaller than the original and may be more suitable for smaller spaces. Pacific Sunset has large, fuzzy, 3” yellow flowers that have an orange- red blush, as opposed to the original full yellow. The leaves of the plant are fairly sturdy like a geranium’s, and have a similar shape. Fremontodenron is given the common name “flannel bush” due to the leaves, stems, and flower bracts all being covered in thick, visible hairs. This is a stunning plant when in bloom in spring, and off bloom is an interesting evergreen texture in the water wise garden. Fremontodendron ‘Pacific Sunset’ does well on slopes since it favors sandy, rocky, exceptionally well-draining soil, needs full sun to light shade, and dry conditions. ‘Pacific Sunset’ is drought tolerant and needs no supplemental water in summer once established.

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I love this shrub. The leaves have such a sweet fragrance, not strong, but stronger when they’re wet. The flowers are big, about 2 to 3” across and they are plentiful! This lady has grown to 7’ in less than 2 years.

Posed by: Sherie Hubble, on Feb 16 2024 10:08PM