Pinus jeffreyi

Jeffrey Pine

Plant family: Pinaceae - Pine


Plant type: Tree

Plant origin: N/A

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Flower Color
Blooming Season
Height Over 40 feet
Spread 35-40 feet, 15-30 feet
Sun / Shade   
Monthly Water
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Mountain Meadow, Sub-Alpine Forest, Woodland/Forest

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Serpentine, Rocky

Special Characteristic

Exceptional Fragrance

Plant Highlights

Jeffrey pine is most commonly found at elevations between 6,000 and 9,500 feet in Oregon, California, Nevada and northern Baja California. In San Diego County, it can be spotted growing in the nearby Laguna mountains, the southernmost distribution of this species in the United States. The beautiful blue-green needles and large cones of this pine contrast nicely with its orange and russet bark. This distinctive bark is divided into plates by deep furrows and holds a surprising secret: it smells like vanilla or butterscotch! Pinus jeffreyi prefers full sun and is tolerant of cold, heat and drought, making it an excellent choice for dry slopes and desert gardens, but may also adapt to a well-draining meadow environment. Jeffrey pine thrives when planted with oaks or other pine trees, and grows well in well drained, rocky soils, as well as nutrient -poor and serpentine soils. Jeffrey pine is slow growing, but may reach 40’ in 20 years or 200’ in 600 more…since it has been known to live for hundreds of years in the wild!

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