Juncus xiphioides

Iris Leaved Rush

Plant family: Juncaceae - Rush


Plant type: Aquatic Plant, Grass-like

Plant origin: N/A, California

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Flower Color Insignificant
Blooming Season Spring
Height 2-3 feet
Spread Spreading
Sun / Shade   
Monthly Water
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Mountain Meadow, Riparian

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Sandy Loam, Riverbed Silt

Special Characteristic

Good in Containers

Plant Highlights

Iris leaved rush enjoys full sun or shade and ample water to grow to heights of about 2’ to 3’. Found growing naturally near rivers and in moist mountain meadows, Juncus xiphioides leaves are remarkably similar to the foliage of an iris plant. Iris leaved rush blooms May through October, sending up long stalks of tiny star-shaped flowers. The chocolate brown, textured inflorescences stay on to provide rich autumn color. Juncus xiphioides spreads through underground rhizomes, making it a good candidate for erosion control in wet places. Try edging a pond or streambed for backyard plantings; additionally iris leaved rush takes well to growing in containers, a graceful vertical element on the patio. This native stays evergreen unless stressed by drought, in which case it may drop its leaves as it recovers. Remember, give it plenty of water!

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