Brodiaea orcuttii

Orcutt's Brodiaea

Plant family: Liliaceae - Lilly


Plant type: Bulb, Groundcover

Plant origin: N/A, California

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Flower Color Blue, Light Purple, Violet
Blooming Season Spring
Height 0-1 feet
Spread 0-1 feet
Sun / Shade   
Monthly Water
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Wildlife Friendliness Rating
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Creosote Bush Scrub, Riparian

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Sand, Sandy Loam

Special Characteristic

Good in Containers, Lawn Substitute

Plant Highlights

Brodiaea orcuttii is a species of flowering plant in the cluster-lily genus known by the common name Orcutt's brodiaea. It is native to southern California, mainly San Diego County, where it is an uncommon species. Its range probably extends into Baja California. It is a perennial producing an inflorescence up to 3" tall which bears flowers on pedicels each a few centimeters long. The flower has six purple tepals each between 1" long. This is the only brodiaea that lacks staminodes

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